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Annual Report 2020 – Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds 
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November 2020

4 facts about your pension fund

4 crucial facts about your pension fund

SNPS is at the forefront of the Dutch pension world and in fact already offers what the new pension system should offer. Namely a personal pension account and freedom of choice for the participant to take more or less investment risks.

The participant invests in so-called life cycles with which an offensive, defensive or neutral investment profile can be chosen. A profile that fits the participant's stage of life. Each quarter, you can choose the investment profile that suits you best.

Ten years before the retirement date, the risks for the member are cleverly reduced. Pension is purchased with the accrued capital.

After his or her retirement, the participant is given the choice to continue investing. This is done in the so-called CVP. That didn't turn out badly in 2020. Despite the extremely difficult investment year, participants in the CVP were able to add a plus to their pension account.