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November 2020

SNPS. Smarten up your future
Annual Report 2020 – Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds 

Bolstering communication

In 2020, SNPS has made great strides in communication. Debby van der Voort, communication manager at Shell Pensioenbureau Nederland, explains.

A project we are very proud of is the communication about corona. In cooperation with our administrator Achmea Pensioen Services (APS), we succeeded in carefully informing the participants from the very first moment. For example, we immediately published a special ‘corona page’ about the impact of the corona virus on pensions in March 2020. This is a participant-oriented approach that was praised in the trade journal PensioenPro, among others. Another topic in 2020 is the Pension Agreement, which SNPS communicated about extensively. By clearly setting out the key points, participants know what will change for them.

The success of video calling

In order to be able to communicate even more personally, video calling was introduced in the first quarter: an additional option to get in touch - face to face - with the customer team. New employees, participants nearing retirement and expatriates who want to understand the Dutch pension system better are eagerly taking advantage of this opportunity for personal pension education. The success is reflected in the ratings: users value video calling with an average rating of 9. In addition, there have been several SMS pilots, in which a select group of participants received text messages with relevant pension information. Also, SNPS sent a card to employees who were leaving the service, asking them to update their details. This was done by 35 per cent of recipients (the market average is 5 per cent) and indicates that former employees remain very engaged in Shell. A pilot project was also conducted in which participants with missing data were called. Of the 130 people that the call centre made contact with, 80.8 per cent provided further information.

“The newsletters have been optimized and are now opened by 85 percent of recipients”

Incredible newsletter results

Another area that we have worked on in the past year is the newsletters. These have been optimised and are now opened by 85 per cent of recipients. An incredible result in the pension world. We have also redesigned the Shell Pension homepage, and relevant information is now easier to find. Additionally, we have set up a separate ESG page. The ESG Participant Survey, which 7,000 participants from both SNPS and SSPF responded to, showed that people want to know more about this subject. The page was launched in a fun way with a special Christmas card sent to all participants.

To find out how much confidence participants have in the fund, a survey was conducted. SNPS scored a great 8.5. The results show, among other things, that Dutch-speaking participants have more confidence in the pension fund than English-speaking participants. SNPS will try to take this into account in future communications.

About Debby van der Voort

As communications manager of Shell Pensioenbureau Nederland, Debby is responsible for communicating with 40,000 participants: active and former employees and pensioners. With a background in PR, Debby has worked at companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Deloitte. For Shell, she organised events such as Formula 1 hospitality, Shell Eco-marathon and Generation Discover. Her interest lies in the knowledge of behavioural change through communication, applied to a ‘low interest’ subject such as pensions. Debby lives in The Hague, together with Martin and son Mink.