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November 2020

SNPS. Smarten up your future
Annual Report 2020 – Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds 

Wilbert Huijbens, Group Tax Reporting manager Shell chairman of the Accountability Council (VO)

“As VO we have deepened the dialogue with the board” 

Wilbert Huijbens is Group Tax Reporting manager for Shell and Chair of the Accountability Body of SNPS.

“As a tax expert, I have always been interested in pensions. When I was asked to join the Accountability Body (VO) on behalf of the employer when SNPS was founded, I didn’t have to think long about my decision. Pensions are a fascinating subject with many fiscal interfaces. Furthermore, I believe that it’s very important to build up a pension. As Chair, I try to be the ‘primus inter pares’ within the VO. Together with the secretary, we try to function as a team, so we can have a good discussion with the board and give substantive advice.”


“Everything was new at the start of SNPS in 2013: the type of fund, the structure, the people. I have seen the pension fund and the VO change. We began with a small staff and experienced many member changes within the VO. But I am proud of the increased level of professionalisation we achieved together. We now have six members and two permanent ‘trainees’. These ‘trainees’ warm up on the sidelines, so that we can adapt quickly when members leave. In eight years, we have grown into a very progressive and innovative fund. We have an excellent scheme with a high level of quality. This is reflected in the outside world which actually embraces our scheme.”

“Everything was new when SNPS started in 2013: the type of fund, the structure, the people. I have therefore seen the pension fund and the VO change”

More members

“The expansion of the VO has resulted in a better dialogue with the board and SPN. We now use portfolio holders; they conduct talks with the board and SPN, based on their own discipline. As the VO, we know what the backgrounds are because of these discussions, which allows us to provide better input on certain topics. Being informed enables more efficient and effective decision-making. That applies to both the board and us!”

About Wilbert Huijbens

He studied economics in Rotterdam at Erasmus University. He then worked for nine years as Tax Inspector Corporate Income Tax at the Tax and Customs Administration, followed by a job as political adviser at the Ministry of Financial Affairs, before returning to the Tax and Customs Administration in various managerial positions. In 2005, Wilbert started working at Shell in The Hague. He also lives in this city.