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November 2020

SNPS. Smarten up your future
Annual Report 2020 – Shell Nederland Pensioenfonds 

Interview with Jeroen Roskam, fiduciary adviser of SNPS

“I focus on the investment strategy of SNPS and its implementation” 

Jeroen Roskam (41) is a fiduciary adviser. He is employed by Achmea Investment Management, the company that invests the SNPS assets. The specialist advises the board of the fund about strategic decisions concerning the investment portfolio and managing the investment risks. In short: what to do and what not to do in the investment portfolio.

“As a fiduciary adviser, I am responsible for advising on good strategic policies. Communication about this policy is essential here. Both for the board of the pension fund and the participants by providing input for the various news items. On the one hand, I advise on how to best invest, for example in shares, mortgages or in emerging markets. On the other hand, I help to inform the participants, the board and the people of the Shell Pensioenbureau as well as possible about the investments and the effects of economic developments on the pension capital. To do this, I maintain close contact with my colleagues in the Investment Strategy team. They monitor and analyse the long term financial markets and make forecasts. Based on these, I can advise which mix of investments offers the best outcome for SNPS participants.”

Working during the pandemic

“I went from working five days a week at the office to working five days a week at home. I can count on one hand the number of work days I spent in the office after the first lockdown press conference. Working from home works well. Microsoft Teams allows you to hold efficient meetings with each other.

And I can keep an eye on the markets just as easily from home as in the office. By the way, I don’t sit behind blinking screens ready to pounce on short-term developments. I focus on the SNPS investment strategy and its implementation. We invest in a diversified portfolio. The only thing I miss is that you can’t just drop in on a colleague for a consultation.”

About Jeroen Roskam

After achieving a university of applied sciences degree in economics, he successfully completed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) programme. After that, Jeroen started working as an investor for a Rotterdam-based asset management company. This was followed by eight years at Rabobank, where he managed the assets of wealthy individuals. Before joining Achmea Investment Management, the fiduciary adviser worked in a more commercial role at JP Morgan Asset Management. Jeroen Roskam lives with his partner Manon. They have two children: Valerie and Ruben.